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  • For "capazo" I have heard in different books from the US that they use:
    • Moses basket.
    • baby bed.
    • crib.
    Example: The baby is in her crib. \ La bebé esta en su capazo.
    For the modern ones, in US English, I would add "bassinet".
    The pictures I found on line for bassinets are all capazos with legs, and very few of them have handles. On the other hand, the images for capazo I found on line don't have legs and tend to have handles. Should that matter? Or do you think that the sense for bassinet should say something like "with legs or a stand"?
    Oh, yes, I don't seem to find bassinets with handles, and capazos with legs.
    Here, I was referring to the capazos/bassinets that you can put on strollers:
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