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Source: TED-Ed, History vs. Vladimir Lenin - Alex Gendler

(Lenin)"Your Honor, Lenin had seen his older brother Aleksandr executed by the previous tsar for revolutionary activity, and even after the reforms, Nicholas continued the same mass repression and executions, as well as the unpopular involvement in World War I that cost Russia so many lives and resources."
(Judge)"Hm, this tsar doesn't sound like such a capital fellow."

M-W Learner's Dictionary online
capital adjective 4 chiefly British, old-fashioned : EXELLENT; fellow noun 1 informal + somewhat old-fashioned a : a male person : a boy or man
Do the definitions fit this context? Why the author use the old-fashioned words?
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    Yes, it may also be a play on the second meaning of 'capital', that is 'related to capitalism', which Lenin opposed.

    Who speaks those words in the video?


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    I don't think you'd hear that word in the U.S. today, but every judge has their own style. They can speak in whatever style they want.

    (They probably wouldn't say "fellow" either.
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