capital riesgo que se hizo con el control de la empresa

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    Hi everyone :)
    I'm trying to understand this comes from a Spanish daily newspaper and it's an economics article about the acquisition of a company. The full sentence is:

    "Su interés por zanjar este asunto tiene que ver con los viejos planes de la empresa, que hubiera saltado al parqué de no ser porque el capital riesgo que se hizo con el control de la empresa lo paralizó."
    This is how I understand it:
    "His interest in settling this matter is to do with the company's old plans, which would have seen it listed apart from the fact that the venture capital operation with the controlling interests of the company paralysed it."
    However I'm not sure I've understood this problem is the part of the sentence featured in the title.
    Sorry this has gone on for so long!! Any help/advice very gratefully received :)
  2. perseus7401 Senior Member

    Well, the way you translated is as clear as it gets. It's definitely not the most clear written spanish sentence i have seen, but i think you pretty much nailed it in your translation. The last part of the sentence, "lo paralizo" does make it a bit confusing...
  3. Russ1972 Senior Member

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    Hi Perseus,
    Thanks very much for your's nice just to get someone else's confirmation that I'm on the right track!
    Thanks again

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