Capitalizing proper nouns

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    Ok, since my last post got closed because I didn't read the rules and my intentions were misinterpreted... here's what I came up with

    Write each proper noun, using correct capitalizaion

    1. james p. fox, jr --> James P. Fox, Jr. Should I put Jr with capital J or should I leave it the other way?

    2. george washington bridge --> George Washington Bridge. Should I write bridge with capital B?

    3. uncle al --> Uncle Al. Uncle with capital U???

    that's it =)
  2. velero Senior Member

    Shame on you, Miss Lu! Do you mean to say that you didn't memorize each and every one of the 5,473 rules? :)

    James P. Fox, Jr.: All parts of the name are capitalized.

    George Washington Bridge: Yes, "Bridge" is part of the proper noun.

    Uncle Al: Yes, when used as a name, e.g. "Luckily, Uncle Al is always kind to me." But do not capitalize if you're just pointing out a certain uncle, e.g. "Luckily, my uncle Al is always kind to me. My uncle Velero, on the other hand, is always grumpy."

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