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This is an extract from the novel Life after life by Kate Atkinson. The story is set in London in the World War II.

‘Who are these boys?’ Sylvie quizzed over Mrs Glover’s surprisingly capricious interpretation of sole Véronique. She had the folded newspaper on the table next to her and tapped Izzie’s column with her forefinger as if it might be impregnated with germs.

I would like to know the meaning of "capricious interpretation of". Would you like to help me? Thank you.
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    I would imagine that since Sole Véronique is the dish that has been served up, capricious interpretation refers to Mrs Glover's fanciful/idiosyncratic version of the recipé.
    In other words, she made it in an unusual way.

    Mrs Glover may be the cook.
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