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Discussion in 'English Only' started by powerhousebridge, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. powerhousebridge

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    'You have the caps lock key on'
    It's an instruction given by the computers at the time of caps lock key is active.
    Please explain the usage of 'have' in the sentence.
  2. Elwintee Senior Member

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    'Have' is often used in such contexts. In your sentence the meaning is 'Your caps key is on'. In a missile control centre during a missile launch someone usually says "We have lift-off" - it merely means that something we are involved in is actually happening now. I hope that helps a bit!
  3. powerhousebridge

    powerhousebridge Senior Member

    As far as I am concerned the common usage of 'have' is given below
    1)Used with past participle of other words to form present perfect tense
    2) to held or posess
    3)to receive or get
    4)to produce
    5)to cause to be done
    6)to enjoy suffer
    7)to do or take
    8)to allow
    out of these usages which one is more correlate with the sentence in the thread
  4. PaulQ

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    The list you give is far, far to short.

    Think of "He has got a hat on."
  5. RM1(SS)

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    The WRD has 31 definitions for have. I think #19 is relevant here: to put or place: I'll have the sofa in this room

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