1. antoniong New Member

    colombia/ spanish
    Hello everybody, thanks for your attention, this time I would like to know how I can say "capul" in english. in spanish this is the hair women or men have in the forehead, it covers the forehead.
    thanks a lot. bye
  2. LA_Andaluza

    LA_Andaluza Senior Member

    Español (Spain)
  3. rmiller22 Member

    The word for that in English is not "fringe." At least not in the United States, I won't speak for other countries, but here that would not make any sense. The correct word is "bangs."

    Now a question about the Spanish word for bangs--I have only heard the word "capul" on a Colombian novela. Is that word used commonly or is "flequilla" the more common word?
  4. LA_Andaluza

    LA_Andaluza Senior Member

    Español (Spain)
    I hadn't heard the word "capul" before, but in Spain the word we use is flequillo.
  5. ManPaisa

    ManPaisa Banned

    Here and there in a topsy-turvy world
    AmE (New England) / español (Colombia)
    Flequillo -> fringe (rugs)
    Flequillo / capul (Colombia) -> bangs (hair)
  6. wake_up_your_mind Member

    English- Ireland
    Capul is fringe in British English and it means the same as bangs in American English.

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