car-crash heart


Italia - Italiano
Fall out boy - Thriller

What you critics said would never happen
We dedicate this album to anybody people said couldn`t make it
To the fans that held us down till everybody came around, came around
Welcome – it`s here

Well, I'm reporting the entire lyrics just to let you know the context. I'd like to understand the use of the adjective . car-crash.
Is it something like lover's hearts?
Waiting for a reply, thanks ;)

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  • TimLA

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    I believe that it is very figurative - meaning the the person's heart has been broken.
    The hints are "fix me in 45" "cry on the couch".

    It's a metaphor for a "heart" that looks like this.

    But let's wait for other, younger, opinions...:)


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    I shouldn't be considered an expert but:

    I think a car-crash heart applies to people with broken hearts or fall in love easily and, predictably, get burned. EXAMPLE: Like a drunk driver is a car accident waiting to happen, Brian's feelings for Amy are leading him into another break-up; he's a car-crash heart.

    "Fix me in 45" is a reference to American Television. An hour long program has about fifteen minutes in commercials and 45 minutes of conflict resolution. No matter how bad it seems the heroes always get the bad guy.

    I hope this helps.
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