1. j0sht0dd Member

    Georgia, USA
    English - Southern American
    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering how would you say car hop in spanish? As in, The car hop brought the order and then we paid and left.
    A car hop is one who serves customers at a drive-in restaurant.

    Hola todos,

    Solamente me pregunto como diría usted "car hop" en español? Por ejemplo, El/la car hop trajo la comida y luego pagamos y salimos.
    Un/a car hop es el/la que sirve clientes en un restaurante servi-carro (restaurante drive-in)(español crudo)
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    My guess is that this phenomenon didn't exist in Spanish-speaking countries, and that there is no direct word-to-word translation. The drive-in restaurant itself is an "autorestaurante" (or just a "drive in"), so the server might be a camarero/a de autorestaurant.
  3. j0sht0dd Member

    Georgia, USA
    English - Southern American
    ok, its not important. i was just curious. a sonic commercial came on and they said the word car hop, and i am preparing to travel abroad (for the first time, yay) soon and am translating as much as possible.
  4. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Carhop restaurants disappeared from the scene in (at least most of) the US a long time ago, and you are not likely to encounter a carhop. I hope you will not be disappointed...
  5. j0sht0dd Member

    Georgia, USA
    English - Southern American
    no i was just curious, its not important. but thanks anyways
  6. LaAnnaBobanna New Member

    Austin, Texas, USA
    English - USA
    I know this was in 2009, but I just want to clarify for anyone not living in the US that the fast food drive-in most definitely still exists. Sonic is a popular fast food restaurant where car hops bring your take-out to your car. When I was young, sometimes they would come out on roller skates, but I am not so sure that do that anymore.

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