car sticker that transperent only if you're sitting inside the car

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Hello guys!

I know that tinted glasses are glasses that alow to see what is outside of the car, while people in the street can't see the interior

And now just imagine the sticker for the rear window that has the same effect.

Will it be correct if I call it as tinted sticker?

I honestly have no idea of how to call it

Thanks in advance!


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    I don't know if anyone knows an 'official' word for such a thing (I don't).

    I think it would be OK to call it a 'tinted rear-window sticker' in a context where it would be clear what this meant.


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    Ths sign makers refer to this as "50/50 perforated vinyl". It allows good visibility out, but the appearance of solid graphics on the outside.

    "One way vision vinyl graphics" might be better understood by the general public:



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    There are non-perforated ones also. One-way. Like the old 'mirror glasses' of Southern sheriffs.
    I know that there is some 70/30 perforated that is used for store windows. It is not so clear to look out through though.

    And there has been "one way" mirror film for years.

    I did a quick Google search and I could not find a true "one way" decal film.

    You should note that the "one way" film is only one way when it is brighter outside than inside. One way film on a house window would not be "one way" at night if the interior lights were on.
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