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    I saw this in some subtitles on Univision last night. A person I know from Mexico said this meant "oh" or something? I know "fuchi" or "fuchili" means basically "gross", but this must be some kind of expression?
  2. Kibramoa

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    --I had not heard this expression in a while :D--

    It means that the person who they are talking about/to made an ugly face//the other person does not agree/like what is being said or asked to do.

    Let's say that the mom serves the kid vegetables. The kid looks at the plate and his face expression is one of "I really hate carrots and broccoli". The mom may say: No pongas cara de fuchi y come las verduras. [Don't you give me that expression and eat your vegetables//Don't give me that gross out look!].

  3. fenixpollo

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    I wouldn't say "ugly" face in this context. "Ugly" is more of a long-term, inherent characteristic of a face, not a temporary state of a face. I would say he made a face or made a sour face or gave me a sour look.

  4. CLM9999 Senior Member

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    Gracias and thank you.

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