Carajo, me fajo, me rajo, me cago y me acongojo....

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  1. BillSMA New Member

    Good afternoon all. I'm still reading Ibargüengoitia and I need some help with this phrase:

    ¡Carajo, me fajo, me rajo, me cago y me acongojo...!

    So far, I've got this:

    Bloody hell, he screwed me, he stabbed me, he shit on me, ____________!

    Thanks for your help. Bill
  2. JeSuisSnob

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    If it is a past tense, you should use the accents: :)
    You can use something like "he aggrieved me" (it is the verb "acongojar"). Does it sound idiomatic?
  3. scotu Senior Member

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    "he aggrieved me" would be rare and would not fit well in this context.
  4. BillSMA New Member

    Thanks, JeSuisSnob, I missed the fact that it's not in the past tense (junior member, no?), so I think it's more like this:

    Bloody hell, I screw myself, I stab myself, I shit myself, I vex myself.

    scotu: I agree that "aggrieve" would be rare.

    Thanks to both of you.

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