caravan that house


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This is a dialogue from Modern Family S01e02

Claire: Desiree just moved in down the block, 314.
Phil: I am a real estate agent. We caravanned that house. Great, uh, deck.
Desiree: Thanks. I'm just there till my divorce is final.

What does "caravan that house" mean in here?
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  • WyomingSue

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    I'm not familiar with the phrase, but I would take it to mean that Phil and some other people (whether other agents or potential customers) drove by the house in a "caravan," that is to say several cars in a row.


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    Is the script what you heard or what is written down? I am having no luck finding anything like "caravanned" :(

    George French

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    <Excess quotation removed by moderator>

    There is little evidence left to get a relable meaning.


    Does the "Great uh deck" possibly mean that they have lain lots of decking arround it. You can see this sort of thing in many a caravan park...


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    It's fashionable to verbify nouns, that's all. It's just an active form of caravan that's a lot shorter than saying some form of the definition that exgerman provides in post 5.