carbono en forma grafítica

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    Hello, everybody! I am trying to traslate "Carbono en forma grafítica", it is a residue obtained from a specific treatment in a waste recovery plant. My try is: "Carbon in the graphitic form".
    What do you think? Many thanks!
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  2. The Newt

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    Carbon in the form of graphite, perhaps.
  3. christelleny

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    Since graphite is made almost entirely of carbon atoms, you may not need to specify anything else than "graphite".

    Without any further context, that's what I would opt for: graphite.

    Of course, that brings the question: why opt for "carbono en forma grafítica" instea of "grafito" in the first place... maybe to make the text more accessible to laypeople.
  4. Chon2014 New Member

    An example of the context:
    El carboncillo es el derivado sólido del tratamiento iEnB2, y se comercializa como carbono en forma grafítica (industria tecnológica).

    I have translated it as: The charcoal is the derivate solid from the iEnB2 treatment, and it is marketed as Carbon in the form of graphite (technology industry).

  5. The Newt

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    The charcoal is the solid derivative, probably.
  6. Chon2014 New Member

    YEs that's right, thanks!

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