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Term: carcade

Your definition or explanation: convoy, motor cade, a line of cars particularly in VIP movements

Example: The traffic was diverted towards Rabibhawan to make way for the president's carcade. Or the president's carcade created a major traffic jam.

One or more places you have seen the term: newspapers, google, wiki

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    This word may be specific to Indian related Englishes. We don't have many contributions from that part of the world, so I am especially interested in this contribution.

    The examples I find of its use in published material are from that part of the world:

    For this the members of the entourage were requested beforehand to be seated in their cars a few minutes before Pandit Nehru and the visiting President or Prime Minister got into theirs so that the carcade could start exactly on schedule with the motor cycle riders escorting it.
    From dependence to non-alignment: experiences of an Indian administrator and diplomat. S. K. Banerji (1987)

    Sudhir’s carcade has Ghatshila legislator Ramdas Soren, party spokesperson and youth wing leader Ramesh Hansdah. [....] The carcade moves to Dumuria block maidan, a Naxalite hub that has witnessed several incidents of violence in the recent past
    "Mahto versus Mahto at hustings" Calcutta Telegraph - Jun 26, 2011

    Of course, it may be used elsewhere. If it is, it would be nice to have quotation from other parts of the world.

    : In the future, when you suggest a word, please include quotations and their sources in the section "One or more places you have seen the term:"