Cardinals reliever ties record with 105 mph pitch


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I couldn't figure out the subject of the title "Cardinals reliever ties record with 105 mph pitch" until having read the content, because I thought Cardinals were priests who addressed in fast-pitch tone and got recorded. :D

The question of the thread is whether "Cardinals" is a long-standing/legendary/household name of a baseball team in America favored by USAToday or American media. Search of Cardinals turns up too many information there.


Cardinals reliever ties record with 105 mph pitch
Cardinals' reliever Jordan Hicks throws MLB's fastest pitch at 105 mph

St. Louis Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks has matched Aroldis Chapman's mark for the fastest pitch in recorded baseball history.
The St. Louis Cardinals reliever — who before this season had never appeared in a game above Class A — threw not one, but two pitches of 105 mph in Sunday's 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.


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    Yes, people who follow baseball know who the "St Louis Cardinals" are. Even some of us who don't care about baseball know who they are. I'm one of those people.


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    In addition to being a type of priest, a cardinal is also a type of bird. This is a male cardinal:

    The baseball team is named for the birds, not the priests, as you can see from the team emblem:

    It is not uncommon for baseball teams to be named after birds, with other examples being the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays. As it so happens, the cardinal bird was named for the priests because of its red plumage.
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