care for / care about [football]


He no longer seems to care ... football as he once did.

Which one is more suitable?
I think both (care for and care about) are OK but the key answer is only one "care for".
Is there any difference between them? Why "care for" is right answer but not "care about"?

Thanks in advance.:)
  • owlman5

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    I don't know why your answer key doesn't accept "about" in that sentence, Bella. "To care about something" generally means "to be interested in something". "To care for something" generally means "to like something". Both answers seem equally possible to me in that sentence.


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    I agree with Owlman; it's a terrible test question (test questions should have only one correct answer). If I saw "he no longer seems to care for football", I'd probably assume he once enjoyed playing football but no longer does so. If I saw "he no longer seems to care about football", I'd probably think he was once a fan of the sport but isn't any longer. Either way, the sentence would seem perfectly natural and grammatically correct.
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