care so much about which table they sat at


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How could anyone care so much about which table they sat at when monsters were ripping out throats in the city? Then again, that’s why they lived in North City. That’s what their parents were paying for. Ignorance.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
Context: In this novel, North City and South City are hostile to each other. In North City, people pay for safety. In South City, people fight for it. Kate is the daughter of the ruler of North City. A few days ago, Kate beat Charlotte up for some reason in the school. Just now Rachel says 'Charlotte totally deserved a check' to Kate, and Rachel is trying to make friends with Kate.

I wonder if 'care so much about which table they sat at' suggest 'care so much about forming cliques ; choosing sides ; or something like that' .

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    Yes, I think based on the context you've given (adolescents and their social life at school) it could certainly suggest that. I read it to refer to actual tables, likely in the school cafeteria. At the very least it suggests that they are worried about the social implications of popularity and who is sitting with who.
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