Care vs Give a boot [hoot]


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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
My grandmother is a quite nagging lady with old-fashioned idea, she would compare me with others who she knows when she sees me so as to encourage me. Once she said, "Look, Silver, Xiao, Who is much younger than you, now he can earn 8000 yuan RMB a month." And I will usually follow her with "So what, I don't care"

Can I say "So what, I don't give a boot", I heard that "I don't give a dime, I don't give a shit, etc." But I am not sure "don't give a boot" works or not. Would you like to guide me from confusion?
  • owlman5

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    I've never heard "I don't give a boot". Of course I have heard "I don't give a hoot." Hooting is what owls do. A hoot isn't worth anything. When I say "I don't give a hoot", it means the same as "I don't give a damn". Saying "I don't give a hoot" is somewhat more polite than saying "I don't give a damn."
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