careful or meticulous

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Just now I finished a talk by microphone online with one of my friends, and he told me he has already passed the advanced interpretor exam, moreover, he is still very young and that maybe a bit jealous. And I told him that indeed to pass the advanced interpretor exam is also one of my aim in the future but I dare not to do that. He told me that after the conversation he felt that my English is better than him and the vocablary couldn't be more abundant, he encouraged me to have a try. And I just answered I want to be more meticulous about the result.

Here I use "meticulous" but I am not sure whether it is appropriate, I want to say "the reason for me not to take the exam is because I want to make sure that only to take the exam once then I can pass the exam, so I want to learn more so as to make sure the result."

Can I say that I want to be meticulous or careful about the result? Or do you have some good words to let me know?

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    It's subtle, but the person to whom "meticulous regarding the result" would apply is the person grading/evaluating the exam.

    If you were the subject of the sentence, "meticulous" might refer to your preparation/study for the exam.
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