careful to provoke


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What would the physiotherapist assess in the objective examination?

· Observation

· ROM (active and passive movements to be measured with agoniometer)

· Muscular power (not overstress the fracture at this stage and be careful to provoke discomfort at the joint, where the isotonic strength testing will).

· Sensation
Does be be careful to provoke mean here "be aware not to provoke discomfort" or to "be sure to provoke discomfort"?

Source: Rehabilitation Assessment - HI

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    I believe it is mis-stated and should read not to provoke.
    The text continues that the other testing will provoke discomfort.


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    Another example of a mistake in this dangerous book.
    Also, did you copy this carelessly, Rosita, or does the book really say "agoniometer"? That sounds like a device for measuring in how much agony the patient is. :)
    On the other hand, a goniometer is a device for measuring or comparing angles.
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