1. aniramha New Member

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    I am writing about Phraseology (this is the context). I am trying to use the expression "una gran carga semántica". This is what i have:
    it could be declared that a phraseological unit, as a unit of great semantic burden,...
    is there another way to say "carga semántica" or is SEMANTIC BURDEN ok??

    many thanks

  2. frida-nc

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    I have usually heard "semantic load" in linguistics texts. In this case, the more formal term (semantic burden) is actually the layman's term, while the seemingly less formal semantic load belongs to the linguistics experts. As a non-expert, I only know what I hear, not necessarily the meaning of what I hear...:(

    Ah. Here is some discussion with reference to the same term in Portuguese.
    Hope it helps.

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