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  1. Pyrenees Senior Member

    Good morning,

    I've got a doubt and need a helping hand, please.

    El FMI preguntó por el equilibrio entre los cargos políticos (ayuntamientos, diputaciones y comunidades autónomas)...

    (The IMF asked about the balance between the public offices (Town Halls, Provincial Councils and Autonomous Communities)...

    At the same time I would like to ask if it's correct to have written the different "cargos políticos" between parenthesis in capital letters.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. acmeeeeee Senior Member

    I don't think it's public offices.
    "Cargos políticos" means those positions which are acquired because of being a member of a political party. (Instead of being gained through exams, like the functionaries do it).
    So, I think that in a public office, there are "cargos políticos" and "functionaries".
    I'd say "political positions" or something like that, but I don't know the right expression.
    Hope it helped!

    (Please correct my mistakes)
  3. Pyrenees Senior Member


    thanks a lot. I'll put down political position.
  4. mal67 Senior Member

    US - English
    I'd go with "political appointments", not "political positions".
  5. acmeeeeee Senior Member

    Sorry, but does the word "functionaries" exist? I meant civil servants, but I don't know if it's correct as I wrote it as well.
    Thank you!
  6. Arrius

    Arrius Senior Member

    English, UK
    For funcionarios we say civil servants.
  7. Pyrenees Senior Member

    Hi mal67,

    thanks. I'll change it to political appointments.

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