1. greentree New Member

    USA - English
    I have received a letter from a person in prison with many strange phrases and errors in it making it hard for me to translate. Any help from native speakers who might be able to decipher these terms would be greatly appreciated.

    " Que hondas carnalito . Como estas del pelloyin, ( I can't find this word any where) espero que bien carnal, ya que yo me encuentro chido vato. ( chill out?)Apenas hoy resibi uba carta de pallo y en ella me mando tu direccion openas la resibi ensegida te escribi carnal. ( I don't understand carnalito and carnal- does it mean something sexual?)

    I carnalito cuando la resibas contestamela para saber que te llego. I vato ya me bino aver la puta migra, carnal como por abril o mayo estoy en mexico, bueno eso pienso yo quisas a la mera horo no me manden y me dejen aka de este lado.A y vato de casualidad no esta con tigo un tal chivo, si esta contigo mondamelo adesir."

    I carnal no te aguites echale ganan porque primera menta "dios" bamos asalir antes de las fecha que nos dijeron. I carnalito ahi lergo te escribo cuando me contestes esta corta, y carnalito por favor cuidate telo pido de corazon ese. I carnal proque pronto bamos a estar afuera para cotorear juntos como entes te acuerdas carnal qque chido berdad. Sale vato hay luego nos escribimos te salvdo tu carnal.
    Como me dicen aka donde estoy el jarocho ( tell me where i became known as the peasant?) ha y hay te mando unos dibujos para que te vias un rato de las pundesadas que dibuso y te mando tu retrato aber site gusta tante que si porque esa fumando mota y es de la buena. haora ( do they mean a hora )si asta leugo. (...likes to smoke mota ( marijuana) of the good kind. that's all for now see you later?)
    Help. It is important to know what this person is trying to say and how inappropriate it is. Any help gladly appreciated.

  2. ILT

    ILT Senior Member

    México - Español/Castellano
    Carnal and vato are something like buddy. This word is used mostly by men, even though I've heard of girls saying carnala.

    el jarocho --> that who is from Veracruz

    ahora --> may be now
  3. Orgullomoore Senior Member

    Inglés estadounidense
    *This word is nowhere. I'm calculating a major typo
    **As said, a Jarocho is someone from Veracruz
    ***Another major typo...the only thing it might be is 'pendejada', which would be like something with no point. Origin: Pendejo

    I sense this guy is in jail or has been detained in the U.S. and has been informed that he will be released sooner than planned. The tone is very gangster-chicano-ish and that works out well becuase, believe it or not, I learned my Spanish from guys like this. Anyway, I doubt he meant to send the letter to you if you don't understand it...you would know it if you were this best friend guy he describes, I suppose. Perhaps they gave him the wrong address or the guy that lived there before you? I wanna see the drawings! :p
  4. Maika

    Maika Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    Mexico - Spanish

    Well, this is the worst Spanish I have ever read. I am sleeping now, very tired cause I was translating all day, but still impressed with this letter, can't believe it! In 3 words, he makes about 5 mistakes, LOL

    Tomorrow if I have time, will look at it carefully and will try to help you more with this awful writing.

    Now, I'm going to sleep, really need it. Good night you all.
  5. greentree New Member

    USA - English
    Thank you so much for the assistnce in reading this letter. It made no sense to me what so ever. The streeet gang tone really threw me off and the content. Clearly as you say it was a mistake that I got this letter. I thought it was from a former student of mine ! Wrong person. THank you for the Help!

  6. luis masci

    luis masci Banned

    As Maika said, it's soooo bad Spanish. However I've got the gist of the letter. The writer seems to be whether illiterate or alienated (he has mentioned marihuana)
  7. soundofcolour New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I just want to mention, even though it's been several years, this letter was written with a different register, that doesn't mean the person is alienated (who isn't?) or under drugs.
    Illiterate, perhaps, only because that person did not follow the formal education most of us had. In the end, that's how languages evolve throughout time (e.g. by the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries there were no grammar rules in most european languages). In this case, can anybody explain to me the reason why we use a mute "h" when we write? Of course, I expect a linguistic approach, not a grammar one.

    "carnal" or "carnalita" are words normally spoken in Mexico City in converations with slang. (I haven't heard this words in the western part of the country as I often do in Mexico City) I often use them myself. They show appreciation for another person.

    I agree with ILT and Orgullomoore.
  8. calamario Senior Member

    Dallas, TX
    Spanish - Chile, Peru, Argentina, US Hispanic
    Carnal is much more than "friend" or "buddy". Carnal comes from "carne" (flesh), wich means the other person considers you family.
  9. Juan Jacob Vilalta

    Juan Jacob Vilalta Banned

    No he leído todo... carnal = hermano, aunque no le sea.
    O sea: bro.
  10. soundofcolour New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    That is completely right. Orgullomoore's translation has this "fraternity" concept: "What's up, bro?".
  11. Mexiboy New Member

    Los Angeles, California
    Carnal is really fraternal, so "bro" is the accurate and most accepted translation. "Vato" as in "qué onda vato" is more like "what's up fool"... so fool or bud, buddy, dude would all work. It's coloquial to the max!
  12. Ayafacha Member

    El Paso, Texas (USA)
    Mexican Spanish
    A great explanation for "pelloyin" is in http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/pedorro.1093405/ post # 18 by Satirycon:

    "There is something nobody is talking about. In mexico there is something called "Albur" wich is like a pun. Note this this; pedorro is the one who farts, so the one who actually farts is your ass, your anus. That's the pun they can say:
    Dame el pedorro, prestame el pedorro, echame el pedorro etc.
    This means give me your ass. They are trying to give you a hard time if that's the case. Te estan albureando. If they are from Mexico, and if they are using the "Albur" forget about this. You will not understand unless they give you a real good explanation, but by that time they will be exhausted of laughing at you."

    I agree with the rest: "Jarocho" is someone from the state of Veracruz and "pundesada" must be "pendejada".

    The rest of the letter if full of misspellings.

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