carnetizados, capacitados, evaluados en su idoneidad

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    The whole sentence in question is: "manejaba un pequeño grupo de 800 hombres uniformados, carnetizados, capacitados, evaluados en su idoneidadpor parte de las autoridades de inteligencia policial." The author is Colombian. I can't find these terms in any of the dictionaries and, although I have an idea what he intends to say, I'm wondering if anyone can help with an accurate translation of this phrase? It's military / police language, if that helps. Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer!
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    Per my dictionary:

    means qualified

    idoneizar means to make suitable or fit

    A carnet is a type of card such as an identity card (carnet de identidad) or membership card (carnet de socio) or press pass (carnet de prensa). I don't know what carnetizados means though.
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    I cannot find it either. Maybe it means "security clearance."
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    So using what Ricardo provided (THANK YOU!!), given the context, and in consultation with the client, I am going with: "I managed a small group of 800 uniformed can capable men with badges, evaluated in their abilities by the police intelligence authorities." Not perfect, but I think it's the best way to express the meaning of what the author was saying. Carnetizados was the really sticky one, but again, the meaning behind the client's usage was approximately "having official identification" (in this case a badge). Hopefully this can help someone else in the future, too!
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    [minus can in the second line... uniformed, capable men...]

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