Carpaccio de thon en assiette fraîcheur

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    Ma traduction est-elle correcte ? :

    Carpaccio de thon en assiette fraîcheur

    en anglais :
    Tuna Carpaccio in a plate of fresh salad

    Thanks in advance,
    Vous remerciant d'avance,

  2. hibouette Senior Member

    France and French
    "assiette fraicheur" means that the dish is composed with cold and fresh things to eat.

    I think english people call it : "fresh summer salad"

    So maybe :
    Tuna Carpaccio with/on fresh salad (if something is served with the carpaccio)
    "Tuna carpaccio and its freshness" (if there is only the tuna) ; maybe "tuna carpaccio"is enough ?

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