Carpet bag

I stumbled upon this term:

Carpet bags sometimes also served as a "railway rug", a common item in the 19th century to keep warm in drafty and unheated rail-cars. The rug could either be opened as a blanket, or latched up on the sides as a traveling bag.
I understand "carpet bag" to mean a bag made of carpet and I have seen examples of it (including Mary Poppins's famous one). However, I cannot gather from dictionaries and pictures if this term only applies/applied to bags strictly intended for women only, or if a man's bag could be referred as such as well.

Does the term carpet bag make you picture a feminine item? Or is it a a more neutral term? Thank you.
  • cuchuflete

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    I don't believe it was limited to use by women. During the period called Reconstruction, following the U.S. Civil War, the term "Carpetbagger" was applied to those from the North who went to the South in order to profiteer or take positions of political power. They were mostly men.
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