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I think "Carpet cleaner" has two meanings if I'm correct. First it refers to carpet cleaner product (like a carpet washer machine or chemical cleaning products), and second to someone whose profession is carpet cleaning. But I couldn't figure out which one of these get used in the sentence below?

"get a carpet cleaner to do your carpets"

Does it mean "get someone whose profession is carpet cleaning to clean your carpets"?
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    Hi SS. It could be either: a person or a machine.

    Person: Get a carpet cleaner ... and he will do your carpets.
    Machine: Get a carpet cleaner ... so that you can do your carpets.


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    Thanks and sorry because there is a second part and I completely forgot to write it.
    "get a carpet cleaner to do your carpets. It's amazing what "they" can do."

    Now, can we refer to machines as "they"? Or should I understand the "carpet cleaner" as "human being" because of it?


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    It could still be either, shiningstar ....

    The broader context will tell you which it is:)
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