Carpintería de aluminio y vidrios

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  1. Johnny-Magic

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    English - England
    carpintería de aluminio y vidrios es el titulo de un sector de la industria de ingeniera,
    quiería saber si hay un equivalente directo en inglés.

    no puede ser 'aluminium frames and glass' porque no tiene mucho sentido como titulo en inglés. Quizas 'Metalworks and glassworks' ?

    Muchas gracias.
  2. Benzene

    Benzene Senior Member

    Italian from Italy
    Hi Johnny-Magic!

    My suggestion is as follows:

    "Aluminium & Glass Carpentry".


  3. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    'Aluminium frames and glass' does make sense. It refers to windows, storefront, and curtain walls made of aluminum. Take a look at this web site where you will see references to metal or aluminum frames, vinyl frames, wood frames, etc.
  4. PeteFromLeedsUK New Member

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    Hi Benzene
    I agree with Gotitadeleche. In English, the word 'carpentry' refers only to making things from wood, not other materials.

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