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    I have a user preference on my computer set to Catalan.

    My battery charge indicator says: "Bateria: carregada al xx&, 0:00 fins carrega total"

    I understand that "carregar" means to load.

    How does adding "ada" to "carreg" affect the meaning of "carregar"?

    I looked for this on the verbix website but could not find carregada.

    Also, the part that says "0:00 fins carregà total" I presume means "until (it is) charged completely" - does this mean that carregà is used in the passé simple tense?

    Moltes gracies,

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    Yes, carregar means to load and càrrega is the noun (càrrega total). Carregada is the past participle (femenine/singular, as bateria is a femenine word): loaded. Here you can check the conjugation.

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    Hi, these three words all have the same root

    carrega (to load) verb
    càrrega (a load) noun
    carrega -t/-da (loaded) adjective

    In Catalan adjectives must agree with the noun that they modify in gender and number. Since "bateria" is a feminine noun and singular, any adjective that modifies this noun must be used with the feminine singular ending (-da), hence "carregada".
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    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the link to the dictionary page as well.

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