Carrera de Abogacía

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by Marinis, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Marinis New Member

    Argentina, castellano
    Hola! Me podrían indicar por favor como traducir al inglés (United Kingdom), para un CV, los siguientes estudios?

    Carrera de Abogacía
    Universidad de Buenos Aries
    Facultad de Derecho
    3er año completo.

    Muchas gracias!!!
  2. Jilly Senior Member

    mexico city
    England English
    I would suggest:

    Law Degree Course
    The University of Buenos Aires
    Finished the 3rd year

    Hope that helps!
  3. Marinis New Member

    Argentina, castellano
    Hi Jilly,
    Many thanks for your reply!!!!
    I have written:
    BA in Law (I know that there is no BA in Law, but this is how they call it at Oxford uni, I think the actual title is Bachelor of Arts in the jurisdiction of law.)
    School of Law
    University of Buenos Aires
    3rd year completed.

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