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Hi!!!... Another question... Now about computers... I'm trying to figure out the meaning of "carriage return" I saw this term on the ILOG JRules 6.7 Practice book... Now, how would you translate it to spanish... I saw an older thread saying it's "salto de línea", but on typewriter language... Is it the same?

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    There are three different concepts here:

    Carriage Return (CR, Retorno de Carro) -> This supposedly moves the carriage to the left edge. In ASCII (ISO-646 IIRC) it corresponds to character 0x0d (hexadecimal for decimal 13).

    Line Feed (LF, Avance de Línea) -> This supposedly advances the "page" one line, without returning the carriage to the left edge. In ASCII, it corresponds to character 0x0a (decimal 10).

    New Line (NL, Nueva Línea) -> This is an abstract concept for the added effect of CR+LF. It corresponds to the C language '\n'.

    Now, different operating systems have different conventions for the meaning of the above three. Basically:

    Unix: NL=LF (so a single LF has both effects).
    MS/PC-DOS, Windows: NL=CR+LF (you need both chars for both effects).
    Mac: NL=CR (a single CR has both effects).

    I hope I haven't confused you further.
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