carried gray gloves on their cane handles

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Hi, there.

This is from The Beautiful and Damned.

Two young Jewish men passed him, talking in loud voices and craning their necks here and there in fatuous supercilious glances. They were dressed in suits of the exaggerated tightness then semi-fashionable; their turned over collars were notched at the Adam's apple; they wore gray spats and carried gray gloves on their cane handles.

The men carried gray gloves on their cane handles? Does that mean their canes, not their hands, wore gloves?
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    I'm not sure, yuna, but I suppose it could have been common in the Jazz Age for men to slip their gloves over the handles of their walking sticks if it grew too warm for them to wear the gloves normally on their hands.


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    I believe the men have placed their gray gloves on top of their cane handles. Thus their cane handles are "carrying" their gray gloves. However, I agree, this is a bit of a perplexing phrase.
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