carros de cocción móvil - mobile cooking stations


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Hi spanish speakers (in particular native speakers), if I say "carros de cocción móvil" what does come up in your mind?
I use it to translate the english "mobile cooking stations", but I'm not sure of it. It's a translation for a company producing mobile cooking stations for industrial and professional cooking, that is to say "small kitchens on wheels"!
Please tell me if you think it's an effective translation.
Thank you
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  • Marilena83

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    Thank you for answering Chris.
    I would not go for "cocina movil" because the product of this company is not a proper kitchen. It looks more like a "Módulo multifunctional de cocina" (from the same website you gave me), but a nicer one.
    I thought of translating it with "unidades de cocció móvil" (I found it in an other website).
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