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    The context is a dialogue from the movie "Thelma an Louise"

    -(...) don't be a child, tell him you're are going with me. Tell him I'm having a nervous breakdown!
    -That don't carry much weight with Darryl. He already thinks you're out of you're mind.

    My translation:

    -Non fare la bambina, digli che verrai con me. Digli che sto per avere una crisi di nervi!
    -Darryl non darà molto peso a questo (queste spiegazioni). Già pensa che tu sia pazza.
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    "carry much weight" is a fixed phrase that means:
    "doesn't mean much"
    "doesn't influence his/her opinions"
    "has little value"

    I'm sure there's a great idiom in Italian for it, but I don't have a clue.:)
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    "Non credo gli farà effetto. Che sei pazza lo pensa già!"
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    Thanks a lot for your help, I got it quite good but it's always useful to ask, I'm a beginner with English language...

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