1. carola_fariasm Senior Member

    Santiago, CHILE
    Contexto: Requisitos de negociaciones

    El cliente llena una "carta cotización" con la intención de compra.

    Mi intento:
    The client fills in a "trading letter" with an intento to purchase.

    Agradezco sugerencias.

    Saludos cordiales,
  2. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    Es un "bid letter".

    CARIELOS Senior Member

    Español - Colombia
    No sé si "Quoting letter" sea adecuado. ¿Algún algloparlante puede ayudarnos?
  4. carola_fariasm Senior Member

    Santiago, CHILE
    Aurilla y Carielos, muchas gracias por su pronta respuesta.

  5. In US English we usually just ask for a "quote" or a "price quote." The person who wants the product or service asks a supplier for a "quote." For example: "We need 100 40-kg bags of cement. Please send us a quote. " (or as a verb, to quote: "Please quote us your price for 100 40 kg bags of cement.") Note that this usage is for US customers only - if you are dealing with Brits or Canadians then the commercial language may differ.
  6. electra2303 Member

    Bogotá, Colombia.
    Colombian Spanish
    I think is better to use the term "budget" to talk about the list of prices.

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