1. León del desierto New Member

    México - Español

    ¿Puede alguien decirme cómo se traduce?

  2. vijeni Member

    San Jose del Cabo,BCS, Mexico
    San Jose del Cabo,BCS Mexico/English and Spanish
    Letter of Good Conduct :)
  3. El Estudiante

    El Estudiante Senior Member

    EEUU, english
    Hola León, in addition to "Letter of Good Conduct" it is also known as a "Certificate of Good Conduct" or rarely "Police Statement".
  4. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    Could it be a criminal record check?

    In the UK, when you apply to work with vulnerable people, particularly children you have to get confirmation from the police that you don't have a history of crime involving children before you can start work. You apply to the CRB, (criminal record board) and after what seems like an eternity, you get a piece of paper back confirming whether or not you have a criminal record.
  5. León del desierto New Member

    México - Español
    Thanks everybody.

    In fact, my question referred to a piece of paper issued by a school (elementary) to indicate that a student has had good behavior during the school year (sort of a recommendation letter). Criminal record check and Police Statement sound more serious. I guess they would be equivalent to our Carta de No Antecedentes Penales.

    Letter of Good Conduct sounds fine to me, but any further feedback is welcomed.
  6. Kiwisprout Member

    New Zealand
    New Zealand, English
    It could possibly be called a "character reference" or a "testimonial" if it's from a school. :)

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