carta de salvaguarda

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  1. SammiKat Member

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    I just came across this phrase & I've never heard of a "safe-conduct/safeguard letter"--is there a more apt way to translate this? Here is the whole sentence, for context:

    Ya le envió una carta de salvaguarda al Sr. Álvarez.

    My attempt:

    He already sent a safe conduct letter to Mr. Alvarez.

    This sounds really odd to me, can anyone offer a suggestion here?

    Gracias de antemano
  2. Gamen Banned

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    Yo nunca escuché en español "carta de salvaguarda" y soy nativo.
    La traducción "safeguard" es correcta, pero no sé qué quiere decir "salvaguarda" en ese contexto.

    Veremos qué dicen otros nativos que hablen español.
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  3. giannabf Senior Member

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    Hola, cuál es el contexto? puede que se está refiriendo a una carta garantía (compañias de seguros) o carta fianza (La Carta Fianza es la operación mediante la cual el Banco se constituye en fiador o garante ante un tercero, comprometiéndose al pago de la suma otorgada en caso de incumplimiento)
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    I've heard of "letter(s) of safe conduct" or "letter(s) of safe passage". But only in an historical context, before there were passports.

    What are you translating?
  5. SammiKat Member

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    It is an internal communication regarding insurance, so I'm thinking maybe "letter of guarantee" works better here?
  6. SammiKat Member

    New Orleans, LA
    Pues es un reporte sobre las actividades de una compañia de seguros y el asegurado.
  7. litiga8or

    litiga8or Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    Rainy Oregon! USA
    Well, if it's internal communication, it might be a creative or even humorous use of the ancient phrase "letter of safe conduct."

    Perhaps he send a key, or a company ID card or door-pass to Sr. Alvarez? Perhaps what he sent was secret, and he used this phrase, which only he and the recipient of the communication would understand, under the circumstances?

    Because you don't know, and because the phrase is unusual, I think you should translate it literally as "letter of safe passage" and put a footnote: "Literal translation."

    We don't know if it's a "letter of guarantee" or even what a "letter of guarantee" might be. So if you use that, you might be changing the meaning entirely. I think you should avoid that.
  8. giannabf Senior Member

    español peruano
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  10. SammiKat Member

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    Hmm. Mr. Alvarez is the home/property insurer & the sender is the insured party. It is definitely not any kind of key or passcard.

    Would it be better to use "protection" or "guarantee" here? It looks like the kinds of letters being suggested here would be going in the other direction (that is, from insurer to policy holder)
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  11. k-in-sc

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    Do you have the letter?
  12. SammiKat Member

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    No, I don't have the letter, only a document which mentions the letter.

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