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    I should be grateful for help in understanding this phrase used in the sentence of some hunters getting ready for the chase "Puis ils etudierent la carte d'etat-major, une loupe a la main. I understand the phrase etat-major in the sense of general staff in a military contex but not here.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, West Midlands Dreamer :)

    My Robert & Collins gives me the following translation:
    "carte d'état-major" = Ordnance Survey map (BrE), Geological Survey map (AmE)

    Then, you may find more about its origins here :)

    (note: please make sure you put the accents. If this is difficult for you, this sticky should help you ;))
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    Hello West Midlands Dreamer,

    I'd transate it by : Ordnance Survey map
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    Many thanks to both , West Midlands Dreamer

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