cartela (advertising)

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I would like you to help me to find the English word for "cartela". A "cartela" is an item used in printed advertising: a poster used to make overprintings.

In fact I have no context for the word, it is one of the products that a printer offers to their clients, as they do with banners, hanging wraps or other products like these.

Thank you very much in advance.
  • ninagirl

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    It could be flyer maybe.
    Hi tabsle,
    Thank you for your answer. But I think it's not exactly this... A flyer is usually a small piece of paper, and the size of a "cartela" nad the purpose of it is not the same than the flyer's.

    Hope someone else could give us some more help.
    Thank you.


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    US English
    Possibly a billboard or a placard, though it could also be simply a poster, or if you are talking about what's used to print the posters it could be a plate
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