1. sanchezmariamerce Member

    Catalan - Catalonia
    How do you say in English "Cartelera de cine"?
    I mean the place in where you see all the films tha the cinema shows.
    Could it be... Cinema chart? or perhaps Cinema board?
    Thank you!! :)
  2. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    I had heard the phrase: "When you become a star, you will see your name in lights on the marquee of the theater".
    Maybe that's too antique...
  3. sanchezmariamerce Member

    Catalan - Catalonia
    Yes, I need the actual words for "CARTELERA DE CINE"
    thank you anyway!
  4. mariposita

    mariposita Senior Member

    US, English

    the movie (theater) listings o
    movie showtimes
  5. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    What you are referring to is the movie billboard/poster or simply stills/still photographs.
  6. crisstti

    crisstti Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    "Cartelera de cine" refers to the list of films that are showing currently, and where they are showing. In a newspaper or something.

    I didn't know either how to say it in English. I guess the answer of Mariposita would be right, "the movie showtimes".
  7. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    In case of a newspaper, you should look for Movie Section. This contains a listing of moviehouses and the featured films. Some even include the screening hours (Sesiones in Spanish).
  8. mariposita

    mariposita Senior Member

    US, English
    Yes, it is movie showtimes or movie listings.
  9. crisstti

    crisstti Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    At least in Chile, the "Cartelera de cine", is something that appears in the newspaper, or in Internet, that someone can tell you about. Is not a only section in a newspaper.
    In fact, one say ¿Qué películas están en cartelera?.
  10. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    I would suggest the use of showing time or screening time instead of showtime because showtime refers to something very informal that announcers would say at the start of a show. As in...''Ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime...''
  11. mariposita

    mariposita Senior Member

    US, English
    In American newspapers the section for the cartelera de cine is called "Movie Showtimes" or "Movie Listings". It's not informal. If you do a Google search for "movie showtimes" every major site that sells movie tickets in the US will pop up.
  12. beardouk Senior Member

    La Habana, Cuba
    English, from England
    cartelera f
    1 a (Cin, Teatr) publicity board; la película sigue en cartelera
    the movie is still on o still showing, they’re still showing the
    movie; la obra estuvo en cartelera durante cuatro años the
    play ran for four years o had a four-year run
    b (en el periódico) listings (pl); cartelera de espectáculos
    entertainment guide
    2 (AmL) (tablón de anuncios) notice board
  13. sanchezmariamerce Member

    Catalan - Catalonia
    Thanks a lot to all of you and your answers
  14. nadasé Senior Member

    Spanish - US
    I agree with Mariposita.
  15. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    OK, I just did a google search and found out that showtimes is indeed what appears in the US. But the term screening time is also correct.
  16. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Senior Member

    Argentine Patagonia
    UK - English
    A quick addition, long after this thread was active, just in case anyone else is searching for the different ways "cartelera" is used...

    In many magazines and newspapers and anywhere else publishing listings or "entertainment guides", they're often just headed "What's on", possibly with subheadings to sort by category - theatre, film musical, pantomime, etc.

    When talking, as in crisstti's example, in English one would say "what's on at the... (theatre/cinema,etc)?" Even "What's on (the radio/TV)?" is the commonest way of enquiring what the day's schedule is or what can be seen or listened to at any particular time, giving rise to the apparently confusing double appearance of the word "on" in "What's on on Fri" for e.g.

  17. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Grey FOx is right, the problem is that in Spanish we make it more difficult.
  18. jeterinmicipen Banned

    what is on on the Tv? Or what's on TV?

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