cartera castigada

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by elcarnicero88, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    Does anyone know the meaning of "cartera castigada"?

    The context:

    "También se efectuó migración de carteras castigadas históricas a XXXX, y se comenzó con la aplicación de pagos en este sistema..."

    My guess:
    "There was also migration of portfolios which had historically suffered to XXXX, and the application of payments in this system began..."
  2. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    You can find several threads on "carteras castigadas". Though lesgislation and practice can vary from country to country is the same as "written off [credit] portfolio", i.e., credits that company feel it will not be collected. So they are written off and considered off-balance.

    In Spain Spanish we use "cartera fallida".
  3. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    I did not find any threads on "carteras castigadas" in this forum; thank you for your translation though.
  4. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
  5. fresmol Senior Member

    Chilean Spanish and US English
    Fernando, the thread you posted does not work. I am also looking for a translation of "castigado" as related to stocks... my phrase says:

    "Europa podría ser algo a mirar, pues está muy castigada"

    My try:
    "Europe could be an option, as it is very xxx"

    Hoping someone can help!
  6. teatom

    teatom Senior Member

    Bogota Colombia
    German, fluent in English and Spanish
    Hi, Una traduccion un poco poética sería: "crisis stricken" pero es distinto de carteras castigadas!!!
  7. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
  8. Cadabra New Member

    Cartera castigada means the portion of a loan portfolio that is considered a loss

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