1. scotu Senior Member

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    This is a card that can be used for identification in Mexico. Can anyone tell me what the card is? Thanks.
  2. Edwin

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    Googleando encontré esto:

    Para obtener la Liberación de la Cartilla del Servicio Militar Nacional (SMN) expedida en México, los requisitos son: Entregar la precartilla del Servicio ...
  3. sasu Member

    Español México
    Men at the age of 18 (in Mexico) are obligated by law to complete one year of military service "servicio militar" and when completed, they get their "Cartilla del Servicio Militar Liberada" which is used for identification, and they (men) need to present it when they want to travel to foreign countries.

    hope it helps you
  4. lforestier

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    Sounds like the Selective Service card boys need to receive in the US before they are able to do lot of things involving the government.
  5. Jannet Senior Member


    Yes it can be used for identification in Mexico, but for some years after it was issued, for obvious reasons, people change with the years.

    It is not required for travelling to other countries as it was before

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