cas de recours (temporary employment)


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Can anyone help me understand "cas de recours" please, in the context of temporary employment. A French colleague monitors all of our temporary employment (recording hours worked, night premiums, meal allowances etc) but I do not fully understand whether cas de recours simply means "reason for position vacancy" or if it has something to do with refunds/inconsistencies in the hours worked and the hours invoiced.

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    in France, temporary employment is not the normal position for someone, the law gives a list of cases for being allowed to use that sort of contract. Those cases are called "cas de recours".

    For example you can use temporary employment to replace someone who is pregnant during pregnancy vacations. But you can't use temporary employment just to be able to fire people more easily.
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    Michelvar, thank you so much. That has helped to clarify that I will translate it as "vacancy reason" for my purposes.

    Thank you :)