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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Kash, May 11, 2007.

  1. Kash Senior Member

    India, Hindi
    Come posso tradurre “casa vacanze”? La traduzione sarebbe “vacations house”?
    Grazie in anticipo!
  2. shamblesuk

    shamblesuk Senior Member

    England, English
    Holiday home (BE).

  3. Kash Senior Member

    India, Hindi
    Grazie molto Lee!

  4. shamblesuk

    shamblesuk Senior Member

    England, English
    Figurati Kash

  5. TrentinaNE

    TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    Is a "casa vacanze" a second house used for spending leisure time? In the U.S., this would be called a vacation home or (if it's used primarily in summer, as many are) a summer house. Here in New England, the descriptor is often omitted. If you live in Boston, but have a house on Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod or in the Berkshires, people will understand that it is a second home where you go to "get away and relax." :)

  6. gianni3317 Member

    italy - italian
    Salve a tutti. Sono nuovo del forum e purtroppo per me ancor piu’ nuovo dello studio della lingua inglese.
    Come posso tradurre secondo voi una "Casa Vacanze" che io affitto a terzi. Ovvero a chi vuole passare una vacanza al mare e ha bisogno di una casa. Piu' praticamente trattasi di case al mare che affitto a turisti inglesi e non. Come posso tradurre in inglese questa offerta? Ho pensato a "Tourist Houses" ma non so se e' giusto.


    Thank you in advance..…

  7. MünchnerFax

    MünchnerFax Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    Il nostro dizionariotourist home per casa vacanze. Altrimenti ci sono i suggerimenti di questa vecchia discussione.
  8. gianni3317 Member

    italy - italian
    Ringrazio MünchnerFax per il suo aiuto e le sue indicazioni, e ne approfitto per scusarmi per aver posto due treath in una sola comunicazione e anche per averli ripetuti. Come gia' specificato sono nuovo del forum e ancora non ho dimestichezza con le tante regole di questo.
    Grazie per la comprensione..
  9. ikar

    ikar Senior Member

    North Italy
    In una vecchia discussione si parlava di "vacation rental". Può andare?
  10. andy18 Member

    Come direste voi: la composizione della casa vacanze è la seguente?

    Io ho scritto: The composition of the holidays house is:
  11. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    Andy, what exactly do you mean by composizione?
  12. ikester Senior Member

    Naples, Italy
    US - American English
    I'd suggest "holiday home" in BE or "vacation home" in AE...
  13. rmmiller Member

    English - US
    Forse in questo caso, "composizione" significa "arrangement"?

    Un suggerimento: The arrangement of the vacation home is as follows:
  14. Milfordman New Member

    Rome, Italy
    The layout of the holiday home is as follows:

    The holiday home is made up of:
  15. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    I believe this is the right answer, but since the Italian sentence is all but clear, I'd wait for an alternative and better written sentence.
  16. ZeroTolerance New Member

    Hello everyone,

    sorry to bring up an old topic. I'm also looking for a correct translation for "casa vacanze". I need the reader to immediately understand it is a house for rent and not my second home where I go to have a rest.
    How do we translate this? The last suggestion was "holiday home", but wasn't the word "home" mostly used to define the house where we live?
    I translated this as "holiday house" or "vacation house" in AE, but still.. i don't know if it would be correct for a native speaker and if it would let them immediately understand it's a house for summer rental what we're talking about..
    Any advice? Thanks!
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  17. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    Rental holiday/vacation house

    In Australia we also use rental holiday home even if we don't own it.

    A complete sentence would help.
  18. ZeroTolerance New Member

    Thank you You little ripper! Actually there is no sentence.. it is for a turistic website translation, showing "case vacanze" in their sidebar menu. So I should add the word "rental" to let a reader immediately understand?
  19. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English

    Rental vacation houses/homes
    Vacation homes/houses for rent
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  20. ZeroTolerance New Member

    Thank you! Would you suggest "house" or "home" if you had to choose?
  21. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    'Houses' is probably more correct, but 'homes' has a more welcoming feel about it, so I would choose the latter.

    vacation homes for rent

    rental vacation homes
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  22. MR1492

    MR1492 Senior Member

    Newport News, Virginia
    English -USA
    Yes, when you think about it, a house is a thing whereas home is an idea. :) For an advertising brochure, I agree with YLR that home is much more enticing.
  23. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    So that's where the other word I was looking for was, Phil - you had it!!!! :D

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