casas con galerías abiertas y colgantes de madera

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    Hola a todos,

    ¿Qué significa esta frase? No puedo decidir cuál traducción de galería que emplear. ¿Sería un balcón o un pasillo? También me cuesta la palabra "colgante" - no tengo ni idea... Viene de un extracto de una novela en que el narrador describe su pueblo.

    Las casas eran de piedra, con galerías abiertas y colgantes de madera, generalmente pintadas de azul.
    The houses were made of stone with open & hanging(?!) wooden balconies (?), which were generally painted blue.

    Gracias de antemano por cualquiera sugerencia :)
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    I think balcony makes the most sense here, just judging from the context.

    The houses were made of stone, with open, hanging wooden balconies, which were generally painted blue.

    The idea seems to be that these galerías were attached to the stone walls, and were open to the elements. They may have been used as passageways.
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    Thanks for the reply :)

    I wasn't sure because on the WR dictionary it has "galería" as "covered balcony", but the text says "abiertas" straight after it. But "balconies" definitely makes more sense than "open corridors"!
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    Well, the open part might be the side walls. That is, the writer might be saying that these parts were not inside the stone walls.

    It's hard to picture exactly what is being described, but I think my translation would cover it.
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    I'm afraid I can't give much more context, it's only the second sentence of the extract (which is from a past exam paper). It does mention the blue paint clashing with "los geranios que infestaban los balcones" further on though actually, so it must be balconies of some sort!
    Yeah, your translation works then. Thanks! :)
  6. ¿Será algo como esto?
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    keep in mind some information I ll give you. You say you have trouble with the word Galeria and Colgante in that context, well Galeria is Gallery and Colgante is hanging, so far so good.

    But your context is more complex, you are talking about stone houses so we have to focus in architecture terms to understand the Spanish meaning of that sentence, you say you cant provide more context but it seems to be an old house because is made of stone.

    Meanings of Galeria ( it is a area of the house, it resembles a corridor, a hall, sometimes is open sometimes is covered, it has nothing to do with a balcony nor the living rooms,there is not an unique way to describe it, it changes in every house, if you try to rent a flat or a house in Spain you can see pleny of galerias in some of the offered houses or flats, Not all the houses have them, its kind of fancy but you can still see them and they usually resembles a corridor that lead you to an area of the house.

    Colgantes ( I think that in this context it could refer to the architecture term "feston" that is festoon in english, it is a design that involves carved designs in antique decorated window sills that could mainly be at the entrance of house, also below internal window frames and arches around the house, Colgantes de Madera are sometimes carved in wood or sometimes it is just something you hang in the balcony (like christmas lights,curtains or plants that you hang in an area of the house or your front door window, you usually have to look up to see those colgantes. And because we are talking about a stone house with colgantes de madera I d say they are talking about "wooden festoons"

    Another meaning for colgantes that could match with "colgantes de madera" in Spanish it is the lamp, there are some wooden lamps designs that are called "colgantes de madera" they are really old lamps too. but I would choose feston for your translation instead of lamp.

    I would translate it like this

    ( Las casas eran hechas de piedra, con galerias abiertas y festones de madera, generalmente pintadas de azul.)

    (the houses were made of stone, with broad corridors and wood carved festoons, normally painted in blue)
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