cascade of care (Medical Science)

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Does "cascade of care" mean "different steps of healthcare"?

Thanks in advance

Prevalence of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, and cascade of care in sub-Saharan Africa: a cross-sectional, population-based study in rural and urban Malawi
Sub-Saharan Africa is in rapid demographic transition, and non-communicable diseases are increasingly important causes of morbidity and mortality. We investigated the burden of diabetes, overweight and obesity, hypertension, and multimorbidity, their treatment, and their associations with lifestyle and other factors in Malawi, a very poor country with a predominantly rural—but rapidly growing urban—population, to identify high-risk populations and inform appropriate interventions.

-The Lancet

  • Uncle Jack

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    It isn't really an English language question, and I have never heard the term before.
    A web search shows the term is often used in respect of HIV, and is also called 'Care Continuum'. It appears to refer to the various steps needed to control the infection (in the case of HIV; I don't know what term would best suit obesity, hypertension and diabetes).
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