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    Hello All!

    I typically visit WR for Spanish-related inquiries, however, I need a little help with the limited amount of Deutsch I speak. A large majority of my family resides in Germany, so I'd like to briefly respond to a note without making any embarrassing gramatical errors.

    I'm trying to say: "I received a case of my favorite German beers".
    This was my feeble attempt: "Ich erhielt einen urlaub sortiment von meiner deutsches Lieblingsbier".

    Sincerest apologies if I butchered the translation, but I'd greatly appreciate the help!
  2. ablativ Senior Member

    Some more context, please! How (or from whom) did you receive the case of beers? Are those different sorts of beer? What about "Urlaub" (vacation, holidays) in your translation?

    I received a case of my favorite German beers = ich habe einen Kasten mit meinen deutschen Lieblingsbiersorten erhalten (different sorts of beer).

    Or: Ich habe einen Kasten mit meinem deutschen Lieblingsbier erhalten (several bottles, but one sort/brand).
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    American English
    EDITED version (yikes, this is odd. Very sorry): Agree with ablativ ... context is mega-lacking. In another scenario: Ich habe im Urlaub einen Paket erhalten, dessen Inhalt meine Lieblingsbiersorten aus Deutschland war. That's very non-native (and needs correcting), and it's way too hard to tell what would be fitting, in general, espangles, without further context.
  4. ablativ Senior Member

    Eine kleine Korrektur: ... dessen Inhalt meine Lieblingsbiersorten aus Deutschland waren. In anderer Wortfolge wird der Satz klarer: Meine Lieblingsbiersorten (Subjekt, Plural) waren (Copula, Plural) dessen Inhalt (Gleichsetzungsnominativ, Singular, auf "ein Paket" bezogen).
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