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    I am struggling with the 7 cases of Czech. It would be lovely if someone could explain them to me using a diagram or picture. Thanks.
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    Hi Allison, I suspect you haven't had any replies because I don't think it's possible to summarise the Czech case system in a diagram or picture. I think you need a grammar. There are several good ones on the market, and there's this good online one by Karel Tahal.

    If you have had exposure to an inflected language (e.g. Latin, German, Russian etc.) before, that would be helpful. If this is the first time you've come across an inflected language, it'll be more difficult.
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    Hi Allison,

    I used to live in Brno and I there's this organization of Mormon missionaries there that I loved to hang out with. We didn't always agree on religious questions, but I got to hand it to them—they used to speak some top-notch Czech, and they would always pick up on it extremely fast.

    I remember they would always carry around these little tables with Czech grammar. Googling for it returned this site: You might find some of their resources useful.

    (A word of caution: I'm not really sure about the second alternative in the sixth case of hrady that they list there—can't really think of a word that follows the hrady pattern and uses the ích ending in the sixth case. Also, the pronunciation guide is kind of sketchy. It provides a good approximation, but if you're a pronunciation freak like me, you might want to do some extra research on Czech pronunciation.)
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