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I`m trying to translate some tabs, in which the words case or cases frequenty appear. In this context the cases are things such as fraud cases. Would "dossier(s)" be the correct word to use for case in this example?

for example:

Open Cases - Dossiers Ouvrir
Fraud Cases- Dossiers de Fraude
resolved case - Dossier Resolu

is this correct?
Merci beaucoup!
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    I would suggest the following:

    "dossiers ouverts" or "cas ouverts"
    "dossiers de fraude" or "cas de fraude"
    "dossier résolu" or "cas résolu"

    Hope this helps!


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    "Cases" could be translated by "Affaires" if it were a Law firm. If not, I would settle for "Dossiers".

    I believe "Open cases" is "Dossiers en cours"
    Then "Dossiers de fraude" (so it could be a Law firm !)
    But I don't think one would say a "dossier" is "résolu". A "dossier is "fermé". (With "Affaires", for a Law firm, "résolues" would do.)


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    We were debating between dossier and cas, but were unsure about cas for differentiating between singular and plural. Example Fraud Case vs. Fraud Cases?
    would you say "un cas de fraude" for fraud case?

    One question about your suggestions though, why did you change resolved case to plural?
    Thanks so much!

    merci JiPiJou!
    It's not a law firm. They are really reports on suspicious activity, fraud, large cash transactions etc by banks. They refur to them are cases. There is actually both resolved cases and closed cases though i'm not entirly sure on what the distinction between them is, i'm going to have to check that part out with my employer.
    Thanks for all your help!
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    I would also say "un cas de fraude" in the singular. The word is used in its generic sense. It may include several acts of fraud but the case concerns offences defined as "fraud" and not smuggling or perjury or assault.

    Even if it is not a Law firm, it has activities which are rather similar. Concerning resolved / closed, could it be that the company has "resolved" the issue and therefore does not have to work on it any more, but that there are still legal activities pending (such as an appeal in Court) which means that the case cannot really be "closed" because new developments may take place, even if they do not concern directly the company.
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